Tustin is a unique city in Orange County; as it is one of the few that still has land and capacity to grow. Our population, in many facets is growing, at the same time, current data shows that we have an aging population and that enrollment is down for several primary schools throughout Tustin. For the next decade, we will have to actively attract not only younger, but growing families to the city to ensure stronger school enrollment and strong workforce in Tustin. We also need to attract businesses to Tustin that have a commitment to job growth suitable for recent college grads and young professionals. This will require the city to look into innovative models of increasing the housing supply for homeowners and renters. With a growing population, we also need to ensure that thoughtful planning is in place to address traffic, parking and pollution in high-density areas, while at the same time protecting green space areas for recreation and exercise, which all contribute to the overall quality of life for Tustin residents.